Our Services

Industrial cleaning

Tailored & Customized Solutions


We offer specialist cleaning of construction sites during and after projects. Everyday on-site cleaning, project-demand cleaning, as well as finishing cleaning. We clean all kinds of factories and heavy duty work areas, as well as special hygienic cleaning of food processing facilities

Office Cleaning

For a clean working environment


Our workplaces and offices happens to be the place where we spend the most active time of our days. Ed-KEAT Palvelut appreciates how important the ambiance of a place can help one to relax and not only enjoy working there but also enhance productivity positively. We make it our duty to help you and your staff enjoy your work

Shops & Supermarkets

For great shopping experience


For your customers to enjoy patronizing your shop, it is important that continually throughout the day, every part of the shop is clean and tidy. We embrace the challenge to collaborate with shop owners & managers to make the shopping experience of your customers an enjoyable one.

Window Cleaning

with a professional touch


The beauty of glazing a building, a shop window or a mall can be overshadowed by dust, dirt and oil patterns. The dedicated staff of Ed-KEAT Palvelut bring our professional skills to bear to ensure that all dirt and unwanted patterns on glazed surfaces are removed. Our professional touch makes shop windows and glazed surfaces look as good as new, making the display of products in your shop appealing to your customers

Waxing & Polishing

For sparkling clean floors


Floor treatment can be both stressful and thorny. The application of one wrong floor treatment agent can destroyed an expensive floor forever. This is why we specifically employ every technical information necessary, especially when treating floors to give it the shine it deserves. We diligently consult extensively with both technical workers as well as our chemical supply partners to ensure that the best of products is used for your floor

Emergency Cleaning

With quick response


As much as extra caution is mostly employed to prevent petty accidents both in the workplace and at home from happening, they do occur sometimes. These accidents can be infuriating in themselves, the undesirable and ugly mess they often left behind can be downright frustrating. Ed-KEAT extends you that helping hand to clean up the mess and prevent permanent damage to property as well as restore the place to its original beauty. Simply call on us